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 What I Offer

Receive classic mediumship services with Katherine Fricke.  

“I perform evidential mediumship​ to connect you with your loved ones in spirit.”


Mediumship Reading 

A mediumship reading is full of love, wisdom and messages from your loved ones in spirit. A reading offers a calm and comfortable setting with lots of positive spirit contact. This allows you to better recognize identifiers and descriptions of your passed loved ones and ancestors. An intention is set before the reading to establish a positive tone. A blessing closes the session. As always your questions and comments are welcome after the reading. 


Spirit Inspired Reading

Be uplifted by a spirit inspired reading to help create a more beautiful life. Symbols and signs, messages and guides all  bring a little magic to your unique vibration.  

Monthly Circle (TBA)

Enjoy the light of everyday life during Monthly Circle Events. Each circle begins with introductions and a short, guided meditation. Monthly themes are designed to invoke the light and beauty of awareness. Circles call on intuition and have a unique and personal meaning for each participant.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing energy work is a practice of restoring, balancing and harmonizing your spiritual being.


Communicate with loved ones in Spirit.

Spirit what do I need to know today?

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