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How do I find balance?  


I feel like I’m spinning on a merry-go-round. The wheel has a wood base and round the wood are several steel pipe bars used to hold on to. It looks kind-of like a pie… I remember this wheel from when my siblings and I were kids. Oskamp playground was our favorite.  

First everyone would step onto the wheel then get a good grip on the handle. One person would stay off to start the spin then jump on and find a place to stand. The challenge was to stay on for as long as possible while the wheel-go-round kept on spinning.   

Once familiar with the basics the next challenge was to try to jump on and off and stay balanced, standing on two feet.  Gravity in motion?  It would take a few tries but eventually everyone mastered the challenge.   

Another great way to hold balance was to move in toward the center of the wheel while keeping a grip. Wheel moving, spinning, feet firmly grounded on the wood.  Steady with confidence we would loosen our grip from the bar and raise up our hands.  The feeling, thrilled with the accomplishment.

With arms up we’d ask, how does this happen, how does that work? What’s holding us steady, giving us balance?  Gravity? Natural Law? We look at each other and ask, “Who’s got our hands?” We Look Up. 

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