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Lifting the veil to bring you closer to your loved ones in spirit.


About Katherine     

Katherine Fricke Medium Psychic

I have been practicing mediumship and providing holistic services for more than 20 years in the Cincinnati and Mason area.  I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio with an interest in the metaphysical. I believe in a peacefulness with the hereafter, knowing there is more than just this earthly life.  My call was answered through mediumship. I received a mediumship certification which enhances my natural gift. I am currently in a SNU Spiritualist ministry program. I offer a rich background in evidential mediumship.  I am highly attuned to my mediumistic and clairvoyant gifts and use them to the fullest during reading sessions.

psychic medium readings cincinnati ohio



Training and Certification 


I am a Certified Medium practicing in Mason, Ohio.  I keep up with the latest classes, training and attunements in the world of mediumship, psychic and clairvoyance.  Here are just a few examples.

Mediumship Mastery l Certificate

Foundational Principals and Practices                        

Mediumship Mastery ll Certificate

Higher Levels, Deeper Purpose

Church Style Spiritual Healing


Mediumship is the practice of communication with your loved ones in spirit. 

A medium is a person who channels messages from your loved ones in spirit.  

Readings provide a heart lifting experience.  

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